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Our Story

We are a Rochester, NY based band that started in September of 2021.  The band name originates partly from guitarist Mat Sulyma’s love and dedication to animal rescue.  The other part references the band’s love of all kinds of music, resulting in impromptu jamming during practice which causes temporary loss of focus…


The band members consist of 2 guitarists, Mat Sulyma and Scott Seyfried, who are long time friends that enjoy playing together and tinkering with their instruments and equipment.  Another tinkerer is Dave Elsbree who is a talented bass player and gifted story teller who LOVES talking shop.  Suzanne is a total misfit because she is not a tinkerer and doesn’t like it when the equipment doesn’t work when you turn it on and prefers playing instruments that do not require any electricity (vocal chords, tambourine, maracas, triangle, etc.).  The heartbeat of the band is our very own Stewart Atkin who loves playing the drums. 


The band’s style is eclectic, reflecting our varied music taste.  We have a soft spot for those B-side tunes that don’t get the attention that they deserve.  On a sunny warm day you might find us entertaining the neighborhood, playing on Suzanne’s porch in the village of Fairport.

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